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Cancellation policy 


  • Thanks to the wonderful families that support us and allow us to do what we do and develop great soccer players and even better people. 


  • We want to offer you one of the best and most detailed oriented soccer training programs in the country at a great price and with great flexibility. 


  • With that being said, unlike most gyms/training programs, who can care less if their clients show up as long as they pay, we will always honor every session that you purchase with us.


  • Many businesses that try to follow this format often fail because many clients take advantage of this format. 


  • We have faith in our clients and use an honor system, and trust that clients will only cancel sessions if it's a TRUE EMERGENCY and not just an inconvenience 


  • If you/your child has committed to do a session with us in 24 hours and gets asked to play in an extra game or tournament or go to another event. It is unfair not only to our coaches that have committed their time to be here and plan your child session but also to the business that most likely will lose that hour

  • If you do cancel within 24 hours, this session can only be made up with a group session within 3 days of cancellation

  •  We want to be around in the long run and help you/your child reach their potential as a player, but it will take commitment. 

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